A Team of Dedicated Parents

Our troop leaders hail from diverse backgrounds both personally and professionally. They bring their life experiences, love of community and expert skills to guide Troop 1015 Scouts in an extensive array of activities. We wouldn’t be who we are today without the leadership of our team.

Jeff Silva, Scoutmaster 1015 B

Cub Scout – Pack 14, Boy Scout – Troop 11 and Troop 1015, Asst. Scoutmaster – Troop 1015 (Jan 2006-Sep 2010), Merit Badge Counselor – Troop 1015, OA Vigil Member (Mawachpo, The Collector) and Assc. Advisor for Membership – Crew 379- Kaweah Lodge, Council Training Team, 2017 National Jamboree 1st Asst. Scoutmaster, 2019 World Jamboree IST for Stage Shows, Alameda Council Executive Board (Now Golden Gate Area Council Executive Board), Asst. Scoutmaster – Troop 1015 girls (Feb 2019-current), and Scoutmaster – Troop 1015 boys (Sep 2010-current).

I like most things outdoors including backpacking, camping, cooking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, astronomy, SCUBA and freediving, and just sitting down and enjoying the outdoors. I enjoy coin and paper money collecting and have a large collection with US and foreign samples back into the 1800’s. I also have a Boy Scout Handbook Collection. I have 155 out of the 158 Handbooks that the BSA has printed. I was also the 1st Assistant Scoutmaster for the Alameda Council Contingent to the 2017 National Jamboree in West Virginia at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Rian Tiernan, Scoutmaster 1015 G

I came into Scouting late in life when my daughter decided she wanted to join her friends’ Girl Scout Troop. So, I became a Girl Scout parent and purveyor of Girl Scout cookies.  Two years later I was a co-leader for a very special group of girls. In the meantime, my son joined Pack 8 and I became his Den Leader, then he bridged over to Troop 1015.  In 2018, the official announcement came out that girls would be accepted into BSA. Long story short, on a rainy day in February, 2019, my daughter, four brave girls and I stepped forward to become one of the founding Alameda troops of girls in Scouting BSA. In addition to being the Troop 1015G Scoutmaster, I also teach several Merit Badges.

I love outdoor activities including camping, hiking, kayaking, cycling, and flying kites (I have a lot of kites). I originally was unsure about putting the kids into the Scouting program(s), but over time I believe they both have truly benefited from Scouting and I have loved watching them grow through Scouting. This also applies to all of the Scouts in our Troop, watching them learn and grow up into good, active Citizens of our community brings me great pleasure.

Henry Ramos, Committee Chair

I was a Cub Scout and Life Scout Pack and Troop 259 Centralia, Il. When my son was ready for Scouts, I became a Den Leader and Cubmaster of Pack 78. I also served as the former Unit Commissioner Pack 8  & 78, Troop 78 & 1015 Alameda Council. I am the proud parent of an Eagle Scout here at Troop 1015 and currently serving as Charter Organization Rep for Pack & Troop 78,  Parent Committee Chairman for Troop 1015 B/G and  Alameda District Chairman in the newly formed Golden Gate Area Council. 

I would like to make sure that all children have the opportunity in Scouting that my son and I have had over these past few years.

Carlos Flores, Committee Chair

Both of my sons started in Pack 1015 where I was the Committee Chair for 6 years. I have a unique perspective to the Scouting movement in the Bay Area because as a youth I was a Boy Scout in my native country of Nicaragua. I earned my Eagle rank with Troop La Salle 12 in 1991. Then, I joined for a short period a Rover Scouts Troop which is a Senior Scout program not currently followed in the United States.
Outside of Scouting, I actively participate in my community by volunteering as a Little League coach. I have been awarded the “Coach of the Year Award” twice for fostering respect among players. 

Mark Graham, Assistant Scoutmaster

Adventurer. Gentleman. Scallywag. I originally joined scouting in 1976, with Troop 200, Novato, California.  His tenure in scouting prepared him for a life of variety and desire to explore.  A jack of all trades, a master of few, he is able to build computers, houses, electronic devices as well as design, organize, cook  and engineer all sorts of solutions for any challenge.  Often seen building projects at Camp Royaneh, working with the Alameda Elks, or simply tinkering around the house where he lives with his wife and 2 children. Mark is eager to help others and happy teach his scouts the skills of the future.  “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  -Mother Theresa

Cynthia Howell, Assistant Scoutmaster, Secretary

When my son Alex Batty was in 4th grade, he decided to try out  scouting, and we joined Pack 1015. After earning the Arrow of Light he bridged to Troop 1015 in March of 2014. Scouting and 1015 in particular has given us so much, and I wanted to give back, so I stepped in as Secretary of the Parent Committee. The following year I tackled up Scoutmaster Training, and chaperone for both 1015B and 1015G.

I grew up with a love of camping, hiking, backpacking, ice skating, and fishing. It’s been a delight, not only watching my son grow, but getting to know all of the amazing scouts, both boys and girls, that are part of 1015. 

Ken Carvahlo, Assistant Scoutmaster

Awarded Eagle Scout rank in 1979
Joined Pack 6 in 2006 – 2011
Treasurer for Pack 4 starting in 2006
Alameda Council Oscar in 2011
Joined Troop 89 in 2011 – 2019
Alameda Council – Executive Board Member in 2011 – 2020
Friend of Scouting for Aloha Council 2012 –
Friend of Maui County Council 2012 –
National Camping Accreditation Program (NCAP) Western Region 2014 –
Dr. Barclay Stephens Presidents Award in 2015
Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow in 2016
James E. West Society Fellowship Award in 2016
Baden-Powell District Award in 2016
Scouter’s Training Award in 2016
Awarded Silver Beaver in 2018
Joined Troop 73-GT in 2019 – 2020
Member–at-large for T73-GT
NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout in 2019
Joined Scouting’s Second Generation Donor in 2019
Joined Golden Gate Area Council (G.G.A.C.) – Executive Board Member 2020
G.G.A.C. L.M.T.F. in 2020
Joined Troop 1015-GT

Jen Howell, Assistant Scoutmaster

Dale Wright, Assistant Scoutmaster

Cub Scout Pack 3 Alameda Arrow Of Light
Troop 1015 Eagle Scout 1961
Alameda Council Vice President For Friends Of Scouting – 13 Years
Alameda Council Board- 15 Years
Silver Beaver Award – 2000
Merit Badge Counselor
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 1015 Since 1980

Went To Haight School
Castro Valley School
Cal State Hayward-bs In Biology
Podiatry Medical School-San Francisco
Podiatrist Private Practice In Alameda
On Staff At Alameda, Highland, And San Leandro Surgery Center

Married To Kris And Have Two Daughters, Makayla And Megan

Jim Meyers, Assistant Scoutmaster/Board of Review Chair

I was about 5 years old on my first Scout camping trip!  How? My Dad was the Scoutmaster of my older brother’s troop, Troop 99 in Oconomowoc, WI. So I was my Dad’s shadow and followed him and my brother everywhere. I was kind of the Troop mascot and for a troop of that size, it was a lot of fun (they had open canvas tents back then!). I joined Cub Scouts as soon as I could, earned my Arrow of Light, and then joined Troop 99 as soon as I could join Scouts. I earned the rank of Star or Life Scout in that Troop, before joining Troop 12 to be with all my friends. I attended an excellent leadership training (Pine Tree) and got to serve on staff the following year. I was selected for Order of the Arrow and earned my Eagle rank just before my 18th birthday in 1981. Had a great Scouting experience, made many friends and have many fond memories.

I was excited when Jake decided to join Cub Scouts Pack 1076 and start his Scouting journey. I took the training and became an active adult leader with the Pack. When Jake joined Troop 1015, I completed the Assistant ScoutMaster Training and participated in Troop outings (including a trip to Yellowstone!) and I assist the Troop as needed, including Committee Chair for the Board of Review. Trying to meet my obligation to give back to Scouting and support this generation of Scouts, in gratitude for those who did that for me and my generation. 

Michael Kent, Troop Treasurer

I have been the Treasurer for Troop 1015 for 3 years. My 17 year old son, Nathan Kent, is a Life Scout currently working on his Eagle project. Prior to him joining the Troop, I was a Den Leader in Pack 1015 for 3 years. I became an Eagle Scout in Troop 41, Trotwood, Ohio in 1977, with which I had the opportunity to go to Philmont twice.

Annalee Mintz, Committee Member Transportation

I was a former Girl Scout, and developed an interest in volunteerism when my son was in preschool and I later joined the PTA.  When my son joined Cub Scouts, I began helping out the den leaders. As he moved on to a Scout troop, I answered the call for adult troop members and took the role of Transportation Coordinator and active participant in the Parent Committee.

Stacey Plaskett, Committee Member Reservations

My son began his scouting career in 3rd grade when we moved to Alameda. His Cub Scout days in Pack 1015 were some of the most fun. The pack had wonderful leaders and a really organized program. When he decided to graduate up to Boy Scouts, it was a natural transition to Troop 1015, where we found more great leaders and another excellent program. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be part of Troop 1015.It makes me happy to be able to help with reservations and the logistics surrounding the outings. I know the kids have some of their most memorable experiences during those times. It’s where they make lasting friendships.

Alex Batty, Eagle Scout, Registered Adult Leader