About Us

We’re a Family Oriented Troop

Scout Troop 1015 is deeply rooted in the Alameda, California community and focuses on fostering friendship, learning and fun.

From teaching our Scouts basic life skills — from cooking and community service to leadership and respect for the environment — our goal is to prepare our children for the future as engaged citizens in their local and global communities.

“Troop 1015 starts as your Scout Troop and ends up becoming your family”.

Sam K – Senior patrol leader 1015

Celebrating 75 Years as a Troop

We’ve been an active troop since 1946. Our Troop Hall is located behind the historic Alameda Elk’s Lodge.

Read more about Our History.

Leadership with Diversity and Experience

Our troop leaders bring their expertise and experience to expertly guide scouts.

Meet our Leaders

Helping Scouts Achieve Eagle Rank

We have a long, strong history of guiding our scouts to achieve the rank of Eagle. We’re so proud!

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