Community Service

Supporting Alameda and Bay Area Residents

Troop 1015 is very active in their community. We predominantly work in Alameda and the Bay Area to support local residents and those in need.

Food Bank Collection

Engaging with the local community, Scouts annually participate in the fall Scouting for Food Program to collect food for the Alameda Food Bank. In doing so, they support the food distribution that allows individuals in need to obtain the food they need to feed themselves and their families.

Wildlife Conservation

Scouts regularly work with the Audubon Society on the Least Turn Conservation Project. To protect this endangered species of birds, Scouts help to build nests, remove invasive plants and create safe shelter for the birds.

Environmental Clean-up

As a California Troop, we are also dedicated to keeping our beaches clean! You can often find our troops donning work gloves and filling trash bags with garbage found in and around local beaches.

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