Troop Culture

We Celebrate Diversity

The most important aspect of a Scout Troop is its culture. Some Troops are high adventure, some focus on academics, some Troops are very formal, some are very relaxed.

Troop 1015 focuses on providing the Scouts with a range of experiences from cooking and camping, to STEAM and STEM activities, day trips, and community service. There’s always something for everyone.

We believe in providing our troops with a variety of Scouting experiences so everyone can find something they love.

We are a Scout lead troop, with an amazing groups of leaders and parents to help kids when they need it. Troop 1015 also promotes kindness, acceptance and understanding for all members.

“1015 sneaks up on you, it starts as just being your Scout Troop and then, before you know it, it is your home.”

Sam K. Senior Patrol Leader

We are a community first troop, teaching our kids that no two Scouts are the same, and to help and support each other at all times. All the while having loads of FUN!

“Troop 1015 is a family. We all work together, help each other both Scouts and parents. It is just great.”

Carlos Flores, Committee Chair

Fun. Adventure. Family.

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