Turkey Feed

Troop Thanksgiving for 200 People

It all started with a comment, “You can’t teach kids how to cook.” So, on that fateful afternoon Troop 1015 Scoutmaster Steve Cranston accepted that challenge when he retorted, “Not only can I teach these kids to cook, I can teach them how to make a whole Thanksgiving dinner outside.” And a tradition was born. That November in 1974, Scoutmaster Cranston took his troop up to Fern Hut campground in the Oakland hills and they prepared a full Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, as well as Dutch oven bread and pies. At that time they made one large turkey and served the Troop and parents.

Turkey feed is now an annual tradition and one of the scouts’ favorite events. Over the past 45+ years it has grown and the Scouts prepare SIX turkeys and all of the trimmings serving anywhere from 90 to 205 people! It is a most unforgettable event, so much so that Troop alumni regularly attend the Feast. 

Experience the Feast

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